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Affordability and Designs

ARK Builders can help you with your project from its inception right to completion, starting with the approval process, if you need the approval of your Local Council, We Can Help!

This can take the stress out of trying to get your development approved. We understand it is difficult to decipher your Local Council’s Development Control Plans. We will take care of it all for you and we will break it down so you can understand what Council expects from you and what you can achieve with respect to your development application. Where necessary, we have a team of specialised Solicitors and Barristers available to assist you….. Read More

ARK Builders provide a complete service with respect to designing, approving and building. We can assist you with your Domestic, Retail and/or Commercial building project, regardless of its size. To ensure the smooth running of your project, we have a team of dedicated and experienced builders who are eager to take the stress out of your life and take over your project, whether its a New Home, Subdivision, Granny Flat or even a Block of apartments. You can rest assured that your build will be done quickly and expertly and you will not have to lift a finger!

In some cases, New Homes or Granny Flats can be approved within a small time frame without the need of your local council process and assessment, this is….. Read More

ARK Builders have over 15 years experience in the building and construction industry.
In that time we have managed to develop and maintain close relationships with many professionals as well as trades people.
Our relations include Lawyers, Barristers, Architects, Town Planners, Engineers, PCA’s and of course a long list of reliable and experience trades that take pride when it comes to workmanship and quality assurance.

Our experience Builders can also provide high – quality advice in many areas of Building including Subdivision and Design | Dealings / Delegation with Local Councils | New Home & Granny Flats Designs and quick approvals.

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